Quotes Cyril is wonderful. I have had poor and uncomfortable massages in the past and this was such a welcome change! He knows so much - he took a thorough history and helped me understand why certain muscles were so sore. I felt wonderful afterwards! The next day I was sore, as he predicted, but the third day I was ready to run again! Quotes
Mary Noer
Happy Runner

Quotes Cyril is an amazing therapist. I would not be able to continue triathlons without his help. Quotes
Marta Rozanich

Quotes Cyrill helped me very much with a sore leg. His massage technique is infallible. I highly recommend him Quotes

Quotes Sweet relief with Active Release Therapy! I highly recommend Cyril just like others did! Quotes

Quotes Cyril was recommended to me by a friend for issues related to tension in my neck and shoulders. Cyril took a thorough history to understand my problems, including how I use my body during physical activities, and then explained to me what he was going to do to assist me in alleviating the tightness in my neck and shoulders. In addition, during the session, he was able to identify other problems that he was able to correct. As a result of the massage session, I felt much better and the situation was corrected with minimal intervention. I would wholeheartedly recommend Cyril as a massage therapist. Quotes
Annie Bell

Quotes Cyril's passion for what he does shows while working on clients. I received his massage right before the Houston Marathon and my body was primed and ready to run. Because he understands the body so well from a professional and athlete standpoint, he makes a special and unique massage therapist! Quotes
Linda T.
Pharmacist/Endurance Athlete

Quotes Cyril is the best massage therapist for endurance athletes bar none. He listens to you and knows what he is doing, and he is constantly studying and learning more about the body in order to best help his clients. Cyril, you are a vital member of my injury recovery team. Thank you!! Quotes
Athlete on the Mend

Quotes I first met Cyril with pain and stiffness in my hips, and is just strained right shoulder. I was a mess. The hip pain had caused me to take off time on running, the shoulder caused me to miss a game or two of volleyball. I had been seeing a chiropractor who gave some relief, but it was not much. I had also gone to massage therapist but provided little improvement. When I walked into Cyril's office the first time my hip pained and the shoulder was a steady throbbing pain. He used ART, active release technique. When I left all pain was minimal, barely there. It was better two days later. It stayed that way and I returned for follow up and it was all gone by next visit. I go in for periodic visits which is good for me. Highly recommend Cyril! Quotes
Bryce Summers, PhD
Highly recommend

Quotes After struggling with IT Band injuries and wanting to give up on running another runner suggested I visit Cyril/CR Massage. It was by far the best decision I could have made. Cyril sat down with me and explained what was causing my injury and how to prevent future problems. He worked on problem areas I was unaware of having. Cyril is very professional and provides a very calming environment. I would highly recommend him to anyone.. 5 Stars! Quotes
Tamara Snell
Satisfied Runner

Quotes "Cyril has been a massage therapist for me for several years. He is amazing with his technique and attention to my individual massage needs. I never have to correct him on pressure or style. He is always intune with my body and its own little issues. I cannot recommend him enough! He knows what he's doing and will help you with your issues and needs to the best of his ability! It is very difficult to go to any other massage therapist- once you've had the best!" Quotes
Michael H.
Director of Sales